What a cheesy topic, isn’t it? Except that it’s not. In fact, it’s a dangerous topic!

Over the years, I became more careful of who to let into my world. I still make a lot of connections but those I call friends are very few. Not being selective but rather peaceful with my mind.

Recently, I’ve made myself distant from people who don’t share my values. It’s very important to me and my family to be around family and friends who are:

  • Positive; they have a positive look at everything and everyone, they’re emotional sometimes, but always see a light at the end of the tunnel.
  • Respectful; they don’t judge others, they don’t gossip about others, and always say something nice or nothing at all. They also respect animals and the environment.
  • Supportive; we lift each other higher, not push ourselves down. In bad times, in ideas, in new ventures and future plans or even weekend plans! We encourage each other to be better in every way.
  • Add value to our lives; be it a book they’ve read, a thought they came across, a new idea that is too crazy and will change the world!
  • Non-materialistic; My husband and I are trying to live a minimalistic life; at least compared to our circle. We do fail a lot of times especially with a toddler girl with a tendency to be materialistic (haha! it’s true!) We try and it’s important to have people around us who don’t run after things and keep stacking stuff because they’re cheap or nice.
  • Confident and independent; having lived abroad for some time, we became very independent in a sense that we don’t wait for anyone’s approval of who we are or what we choose to be. It’s very important to surround ourselves with people who are not high maintenance and not looking for reassurance of our friendship or love every second. We can be different and it definitely adds to our friendship and does not take away from it.

As much as it’s important to surround yourself with people with the above traits; it’s also as important to stay away from people who are the opposite. No one wants negativity in their lives even if it comes from the closest person to you. I don’t want to hear who did what because I’m busy with what I want to be and do and what my kid wants to be and do. It’s not easy. Actually, it’s very hard to resist these people because what they are is easy and fun! But also momentary and not productive.

The next time your friend is being negative or judgmental or not respectful or supportive; tell them to stop. help them and yourself to be better. lift yourselves higher.

I’m thankful for old friends and new; those who taught me to be better by setting an example and by their support and encouragement.

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