Back to the future – Being a mom

In 2016, I was told that the symptoms I was having were not actually food poisoning. I was expecting a baby! I travelled a few years to the future and decided to be better, healthier, more positive, less judgmental, and friendlier to the environment. In this blog, I will talk about my journey of becoming a mom, walking away from negativity, applying healthy practices to my family’s daily life, our travels, and the steps I take to be gentler to the environment.

None of the above is easy unless you take a step. Once you do, it’s smooth sailing as long as the motive is strong. Mine is my faith and my baby. Things that cannot be changed and can only grow stronger with time.

Here is what I do to achieve my goals:

  • Set achievable goals with a timeframe.
  • Discuss these goals with my husband
  • Prioritize them
  • Break every goal into steps and milestones
  • Start working on every step.

Some milestones have dependencies; for example, if my goal was to be healthier, I need to learn about nutrition and reading labels. Of course, learning doesn’t end, so I make changes along the way.

Getting your partner’s support is important because there are times when you need support more than usual, and there are goals that affect your family’s life and future. It’s crucial to have their buy-in from the beginning.

Welcome to my world…

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