Mom, will this chicken give me man boobs?

Asks a 10-year-old boy his mom, worrying that chicken and other poultry hormones might give him moobs.

Being a mom with a toddler and being very concerned about our planet and the food we eat, I could relate to many areas in his mother’s journey. Raising a green family in this world and time is not an easy task. However, she’s adding a sense of humour to her stories, and it did make me giggle here and there.

I did not expect tips on how to be a green family or some stats and reports, and Robyn Harding lived to my expectations (or lack of any) by giving a light, funny, and real (as the struggle I am currently living) story of her attempts. She did succeed in many of them but eventually gave up at least one bad habit; travelling.

Did I learn anything from her guilt-ridden struggle? You bet I did! I even bought “Arctic Tale” from iTunes, YouTube’d Julia Roberts composting with Oprah and researched options to offset flight emission.

Suppose you are in this mindset and have a sense of humour, ready for some wins and disappointments (I thought she shouldn’t have cared to fit in, should have only cared for the cause;) then this book if for you. If you’re uptight and care too little or way too much about the environment, then you will not enjoy this book.

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